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How do you do MIND-SET when there is no good result for you

In an online lecture with ice hockey players the other day, I had this question.

"I've been in a match and my team coach has high expectations for me, but I can't get results. What should I do when I don't get results?"

I remembered in my youth age, when I was very worried that I couldn't score a goal even though I was allowed to play in the game. When I was in high school, there were days when I shed tears when I couldn't score a goal. Looking back, I think it was a childish ...

Aside from that, I think that the way of thinking about "results" differs greatly depending on the position, especially for forward players, the ratio of the idea that results = goals is high, and when it comes to midfielders, assists, goals, etc. Athletes in aggressive positions will focus more on the more visible "individual results".

However, in addition to easy-to-understand results such as goals and assists, various things have been quantified these days. For example, tackle win rate, cross success rate, pass success rate, Dual win rate, etc. How much these numbers are involved in the "team win or lose" cannot be measured by the numbers alone, but you do not necessarily win because of their high success rate.

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