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Purposes and means in work and life

A capitalist way of life is always an emergency, and it is easy to clarify the purpose and goals because it is premised on the definition of competition and growth. The same is true in the world of sports, where there are clear and easy-to-set goals of "winning" and "resulting", so it is basically an emergency idea.

However, this is a way of thinking at work, not a way of thinking about life. There are moments when I play soccer, but life is not soccer.

Professional sports is a profession that is established on the premise that society is in peacetime, but it requires an emergency idea, and when considering the connection with society, it is necessary to consider this idea separately.

table of contents

・Mountain climbing and trekking in emergencies and peacetime

・Only if you can recognize emergencies and normal times can you use them properly according to purpose and means

・Purposes and means in life

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