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The "purpose" of competing, which greatly affects performance improvement

It is said that 66% of motor skills are determined by heredity. What do you imagine when you hear this?

There are more than 30 other abilities in athletic ability: running, flying, throwing, swimming, stopping, pushing, pulling, grabbing, swinging: movement with changes in posture and stability, movement with movement of the center of gravity, and movement to manipulate people and objects.

You have various athletic skills, and I think that there are things that each person is not good at and good at.

It is said that about 50% of the endurance athletic ability is affected by genetic factors, especially the mother's heredity rather than fathers.

In my case, I have found that the muscle strength of the instantaneous system is genetically weak and that muscle endurance is moderately strong, according to a genetic test that I received about three years ago. Fathers are completely instantaneous, but I feel strongly influenced by their mothers because they were not.

In my childhood, I may have had higher athletic skills than the children around me, but no matter how high I estimate it, it was above the middle.

I didn't have enough athletic skills that would be necessary to become a professional soccer player, but I started playing soccer under the influence of my brother and sister, and now I can live with professional footballers as I work, but I have experienced various psychological and physical phases in the process.

I couldn't think about this phase in a solid way, so I took everything as a story, and there were a lot of contradictions in myself.

Each phase has a different way of thinking and working on me, and the environment and psychological state are completely different depending on each phase. By preparing such "prerequisites", I would like to be able to see myself at a higher resolution.

And the question that I was pouring down into me every time that phase shifted was "Why am I playing soccer?"

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The phase that has been aiming only at results

What is the purpose of practicing?

A way of life that does not depend on the goal

How to perceive means and objectives

The phase that has been aiming only at results

There was an era of phases where I was only pursuing results. I wrote this in note before, but it is an era of lonelinessism.

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