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Understanding the meaning of "freedom" makes football unnecessary tactics

In the previous article, I wrote about "cognitive ability and processing ability", but this time I would like to delve into the theme of "freedom" with the content that leads to it.

In the process of building an individual pattern, there are "discipline" and "restriction" within the framework of "individual". By setting this discipline and restrictions, certain "standard" become clear, and skill acquisition that meets these standards are the basis for pattern foundation.

By setting the "frame" for each position, players are automatically given "choices" to choose from the foundation patterns. Freedom means this "freedom of choice".

The phrase "you can play freely" is often used by coaches.

Each position has a minimum role to play, and it is the manager's job to make the players understand and put it into practice. When the coach uses this word or use a word close to it, it is like abandoning the coach's job.

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