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What the Joy to play football?

At what moment do you feel the joy of playing football?

Whether you win or lose, there must be something fun and joy.

It's not embarrassing to lose, and also winning isn't the only things that's great.

There are lots of great things in playing football that you can feel, but you can't get that feeling what you want if you neglecting small things that you can lead to big mistakes.

Therefore, if you do small things steadily, you can prevent big mistakes, and also you would grow up more than you expect, and you would find what is the joy of playing football.

The team works when each person plays a role in each place.

Football is a team sport, and a simple but also complicated.

Also in addition to mathematical and physic elements, it also includes artistic elements.

I love this game.

I just want to enjoy this game.

And I love to be involved with people in a community who loves football.

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