About as an Artist

I started painting since Pandemic started during staying home for 2 month.  And I didn't know that the Artwork brings so much joy to me! I've taught me by myself to draw and just following my feelings. I'm still learning, but drawing for people makes me to feel JOY and worth to do it. I always put my energy and love into the Artwork.


Started drawing portrait was during Challenge Cup 2020 in Utah. I injured during tournament and I was looking something for the team then I just started to draw their portrait and I got feeling lots of joy when I see their smile when I give them it :)


Digital Portrait

This is the way I drawing digital portrait on iPad. Started with our band crew for promoting us ourselves, using for YouTube video and wallpaper as well. 

I don't how much accurate these are but this is the style 

無題 (26).png

Original Art

This one is expression of a "Birthday" that Year Ox (Chinese), Aries of Constellation and Date with Japanese Symbol. 

Drawing with following my feeling and current idea, or based on your requests 

IMG_4238 2.JPG

Anime's Character

I know Anime is HUGE in USA. Currently I made some character of "Demon Slayer", because I am a big fan of it. Also I want to get you to know more Japanese anime! They are awesome contents.

IMG_4126 3.JPG

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