Artwork Made-to-Order      


You send me a picture of face which you want me to draw and I will draw it about you/her/him based on talking with you, because to Get to know more about you or the relationship between her/him and you who you want to draw is very important :) 


Digital Portrait

This is the way I drawing digital portrait on iPad. You can use for your profile icon, iconic character on your Website, make an animation based on with it. I also can make like this Group Portrait as well :)

Lacy -1.jpg

Original Art

You can give me some ideas what you imagine in your head. Color, image, whatever.

This one is expression of a "Birthday" that Year Ox (Chinese), Aries of Constellation and Date with Japanese Symbol. 


Anime's Character

I know Anime is HUGE in USA. Currently I made Goku of "Dragon Ball" who my friend ordered.  There are many of character in the Anime which I like. Just ask me what you want!