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       About  My Private Training  Story      

I won’t promise your success, but I can promise your growth.


Better skills make you to have more fun. 

Better skills make you feel joy. 

Better skills make you able to help people.


Let’s work together to get better skills for your dreams to come true. 


Here’s my story:


In 2013 I started working with a personal coach named Nakanishi.

Since that time I’ve gotten so much better by continuing to work on the skills he taught me.

The learning process has brought me a lot of joy.


At first it was really hard to be able to do what my coach was telling me and I was not good at moving the way I wanted to. So I also started to do workouts to improve flexibility and body control ability with another personal training coach, Taka.


I recognized that I needed to have time set aside to focus on improving my skills.

Because at team training you need to pay attention to many things other than yourself.

There’s so much going on on the field with team, like tactics training, understanding the team strategy, and making sure you are on the same page as your teammates.

In these environments, you don’t have enough time to touch the ball. 


The bottom line is that better skills make the game more fun.

Nakanishi and Taka helped me to recognize that and helped me achieve my potential.


In the learning process, first I had to understand logically why they wanted me to do certain things.

I read many books. I knew I wanted to get better but didn’t know how. My personal coaches were able to guide me with their passion and knowledge. 


I’ve learned so much from them, and now I want to pass along this gift.

I’m still learning myself but I want to use my experience and wisdom to share it with other players and young generations. 

    Do  you  know  how  much  I  improved? Check  it!    

    Training  Concept    

- To Make you Have Fun
- To Make you Think
- To Make you Feel 
- To Make you Get Better  

     Session  Type     

Group Session  2~4 people / 1hour
Individual Session 1 Person / 1hour

   Small  Details    

Task1       Quality First Touch       
Task2       Passing ball   with quality
Task3      Disguising/Carrying Ball  with quality
Task4       Quality shooting

Make a  better Habit

Please feel free to contact if you are interested and more details about Location, Time & Price.

If you know any specific skills you want to improve, I can provide some drills for you.

       Some Clips of Training for example       

Single TR Session




Valid for 3 months

Time & Location TBD

10% OFF for the 1st time


4x TR Session



60min x4

Valid for 6 months

Time & Location TBD

10% OFF for the 1st time

2x TR Session



60min x2

Valid for 3 months

Time & Location TBD

10% OFF for the 1st time

5x TR Session



60min x 5

Valid for 6 months

Time & Location TBD

20% OFF for the 1st time

3x TR Session



60min x3

Valid for 6 months

Time & Location TBD

10% OFF for the first time

6x TR Session



60min x6

Valid for 6 months

Time & Location TBD

25 % OFF For the 1st time

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