About Personal Training      

I won’t promise your success, but I can promise your growth.


Better skills make you to have more fun. 

Better skills make you feel joy. 

Better skills make you able to help people.


Let’s work together to get better skills for your dreams to come true. 


Here’s my story:


In 2013 I started working with a personal coach named Nakanishi. Since that time I’ve gotten so much better by continuing to work on the skills he taught me. The learning process has brought me a lot of joy.


At first it was really hard to be able to do what my coach was telling me and I was not good at moving the way I wanted to. So I also started to do workouts to improve flexibility and body control ability with another personal training coach, Taka.


I recognized that I needed to have time set aside to focus on improving my skills. Because at team training you need to pay attention to many things other than yourself. There’s so much going on on the field with team, like tactics training, understanding the team strategy, and making sure you are on the same page as your teammates. In these environments, you don’t have enough time to touch the ball. 


The bottom line is that better skills make the game more fun. Nakanishi and Taka helped me to recognize that and helped me achieve my potential.


In the learning process, first I had to understand logically why they wanted me to do certain things. I read many books. I knew I wanted to get better but didn’t know how. My personal coaches were able to guide me with their passion and knowledge. 


I’ve learned so much from them, and now I want to pass along this gift. I’m still learning myself but I want to use my experience and wisdom to share it with other players.

Do you know how much I improved? Check it!

 "I won’t promise your success,    

                      but I can promise your growth. "     

   Task 1       The First Touch    

-A good first touch 

-On ball comfort 

-Control the ball with any surface

At the first, what the soccer player needs is to be able to be comfortable on the ball, and having good first touch makes you to have confidence on the ball. Then you can choose pass, shoot or dribble very smoothly. 

   Task 2      Passing ball    

-Passing Accuracy 

-Passing Variation

-Passing Speed & Distance

Do you know what skills using the most of time in the game? It's Inside control and Inside passing. It's super important to work on getting these two skills better accuracy.

Also if you have many type of kicking skills will be able to have many options when you have ball.

   Task 3     Disguising/Dribbling     

-Disguising dribbling 

-1 be 1  dribbling in attack

-Keeping ball under pressure 

   Task 4     Shooting    

-From Different Angle 

-With Different Surface

-THe Most Effective Shooting 



Make a Habit

       Some Clips of Training for example