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No Broadcasting No Streaming No Live updates on SNS

No Broadcasting No Streaming for #SheBelievesCup in Japan.

The federation let it get fans down..

You know, It's the WORLD CUP YEAR.

This is crazy.

And After 2 hours later on the game end, they just tweeted the result. They didn't even announce the starting line-up. I guess they don't have social media people along with team Which is not standard in this day…

I’m assuming the broadcast rights fee is really high and media is unwilling to pay for that. Because women’s football is not popular content for Japan anymore and you don’t get many audience same as like you pay for.

But why women’s football is not popular content anymore?

It was super popular back in the day especially after winning the world cup. But it was only for 4 years and It has been getting unpopular year by year since we couldn’t qualify for Olympic 2016.

Then we could never come back where we used to be. But also Branding & marketing is important today to get people pay attention and interested. You don't get the good enough result when you don't do Investing and promoting for that. For sure Could have done better.

lack of making value from business side, lack of attitude as professional, lack of treating players as professional, lack of respect for players who done a lots for the national team. I’ve been seeing many lacking parts by now…. How can we do better?

To be honest, It’s almost feeling like the federation trying to “cancel” what we achieved until 2015. It’s completely different organization after that.

That means our culture, spirit, and tradition kinda stopped to transfer from generation to generation. They taught us What does the professional mean and we learned lots of things from them.

Our generation really cherished about these things from previous generations before us. But it didn’t go well from us to current generation. Because there was no opportunity for that.

It’s really sad and disappointing.

There are many problems on & off the field.

By now I’ve keeping quiet, but now, I feel I need to speak out more and let people in the World get to know what's been like about us.



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